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Utilization Cases

Nestia (opens in a new tab) is a set of helper libraries for NestJS, supporting below features:

  • @nestia/core: superfast decorators using typia
  • @nestia/sdk: evolved SDK and Swagger generators
  • @nestia/migrate: Swagger to NestJS
  • nestia: just CLI (command line interface) tool
import { Controller } from "@nestjs/common";
import { TypedBody, TypedRoute } from "@nestia/core";
import type { IBbsArticle } from "@bbs-api/structures/IBbsArticle";
export class BbsArticlesController {
   * Store a new content.
   * @param input Content to store
   * @returns Newly archived article
  @TypedRoute.Post() // 200x faster and safer JSON.stringify()
  public async store(
    @TypedBody() input: IBbsArticle.IStore, // 20,000x faster validator
  ): Promise<IBbsArticle>;
    // do not need DTO class definition,
    // just fine with interface


  • Left: NestJS server code
  • Right: Client code using SDK