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Utilization Cases

Hono (opens in a new tab) is a small, simple, and ultrafast web framework for the Edges.

If you are using Hono with typia, you can use @hono/typia-validator (opens in a new tab) to validate the request body.

import { Hono } from "hono";
import { typiaValidator } from '@hono/typia-validator'
import typia, { type tags } from "typia";
import { IBbsArticle } from "../structures/IBbsArticle";
/** create a validate function */
const validate = typia.createValidate<IBbsArticle>();
const app = new Hono();
  typiaValidator('json', validate),
  (c) => {
    const data = c.req.valid("json");
    return c.json({
      id: data.id,
      title: data.title,
      body: data.body,
      created_at: data.created_at,
export default app;